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  • Pre-programmed X-Drive navigation system
  • Turbo aspiration
  • Traction using notched tracks

Pre-programmed X-Drive navigation system

With its preprogrammed XDrive navigation system, the MX9 methodically moves over all the areas to be cleaned, and ensures unbeatable coverage, whatever your pool’s shape or size.

Uklízecí roboti MX9™

Turbo aspiration

The MX9 turbo suction system uses a powerful turbine and two peripheral suction propellers that move dirt and debris into the mouth of the robotic cleaner. It guarantees ultraefficient cleaning, even at a low flow rate.

Uklízecí roboti MX9™

Traction using notched tracks

With cyclonic brushing technology, it can remove dirt that is stuck to the pool before sucking it up. The robot’s active brushes mean it can remove all types of debris, including stubborn algae that stick to the pool floor and sides.

Uklízecí roboti MX9™
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