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RT 3200

  • Efficient floor and walls cleaning
  • Lightweight for effortless handling
  • Easy clean filter

Efficient floor and walls cleaning

Fitted with a smart motion system, the cleaner covers the pool floor and walls, hassle free. Its brush feature ensures optimum cleaning as it quickly removes debris stuck onto the walls before sucking it up. Concentrated Zodiac® expertise, for the utmost efficiency.

Uklízecí roboti RT 3200

Lightweight for effortless handling

Feather-light, weighing just 5.5 kg, TornaX RT 3200 is one of the lightest on the market. This makes it simple, quick and effortless to handle.

Uklízecí roboti RT 3200

Easy clean filter

The filter can be easily accessed from the top of the robot, making things simpler for you and meaning you don’t come into contact with the debris.

Uklízecí roboti RT 3200
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